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Choosing a Refurbished Computer System

Refurbished Computer Systems from AC

AC Computers supply the UKs Home and businesses with cheap refurbished computer base units.  Should it be a Low end Pentium 4 with XP Professional PCs required for a call centre work station, Or a high end quad core base unit to be used as a file server. AC computers can supply refurbished PCs at amongst the cheapest prices in the UK. We supply refurbished computers to the consumers and business of Stockport, companies from all across the UK use AC Computers to supply them with their refurbished computers and laptops.

Our Computers are sourced from large corporate companies who have upgraded their systems and are looking to sell on their old kit. The Computers are all wiped with government approved software, so you can be assured that your refurbished PC will have no data from the previous user on it.

We supply full computer systems; Standalone refurbished base units or even just refurbished TFT Monitors to Home users, Small businesses and large call centers. AC Computers can save you huge amounts on your IT budget

Many companies still like to use older operating systems such as Windows XP Professional. AC Computers can still supply you with refurbished computers running Windows XP Professional. Please see our website for pricing.

All PCs are supplied with software corresponding to the base units Microsoft COA, and whenever stated, the recovery disks

If you don't play graphic intensive games or use high power video editing tools, you just want to use Microsoft Office or browse the internet, one of our great selection of refurbished computers or refurbished laptops could suite you perfectly. We stock a good range of brands, including IBM Thinkcentres, Compaq presarios,  and Dell optiplex  refurbished computers.

Setting up a business or wishing to upgrade your current systems, AC Computer can save you money on your IT. We can advise you what we think will suit your business needs. We can even come and install the computers for you.

Should you want something that you can't see on our website or would like a price for bulk purchases, please feel free to contact one of our team on 0161 476 2220 or email sales@accomp.co.uk with your requirements 

From as little as £99 we can supply a full refurbished computer system (PC Tower, TFT Screen, keyboard & mouse) the lower end units normally  run windows XP Professional.

We now stock refurbished Windows 7 computers, these units tend to be higher end core 2 duo or quad core computers. We can also upgrade the RAM and hard drives to suit your requirements.

Base units can be ordered online or collected in Store. All base units are currently blank in case you would like to install your own operating system.

If you wish to collect in store and would like an operating system installed please call our sales team so we can get a unit ready for you.

When purchasing a refurbished base unit from our website please allow 24-48 hours 

 For us to install the relevant drivers, updates and relevant operating system. In this time we can test the components within the computer, insuring your computer arrives working and ready for use. Simply plug and play.


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