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Looking for a PC System fully tailor made to your needs, AC Computer Warehouse offer the cheapest and most comprehensive system builds in Stockport and Manchester. Whether its a entry level pc needed next day or a high performance gaming PC for playing the latest blockbuster games AC Computers can build something to your taste and budget. Should you be looking for a home / business PC or you are simply looking to upgrade your current system to edit photos or Videos, AC Computers will offers the best prices in Stockport. We carry stock of Intel and AMD CPUs, Kingston & Geli RAM, Gigabyte , ASRock, MSI & Asus Motherboards and a range of Nvidea Graphics cards. You may be looking for PC or Computers for a call centre, AC Computers specialises in supplying new businesses and call centres with Computers. Please feel free to email us for prices enquiries@accomp.co.uk or call our sales team on 0161 476 2220


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