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Intel G4400 3.3GHz Dual core 4GB RAM 128GB SSD DVDRw Business PC
ACcode: 4790
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £264.32 inc vat
Intel G4400 4GB RAM 500GB HD DVDRw KB & mouse Entry level business PC
ACcode: 4779
Manufacturer: AC Computers
In stock
Our Price £299.74 inc vat
Intel G4400 3.3GHz Dual core 8GB RAM 256GB SSD DVDRw Business PC
ACcode: 4791
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £334.80 inc vat
Intel Core i3-6100 4GB DDR4 500GB KB & Mouse no OS Home use PC
ACcode: 4781
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £352.21 inc vat
Core i3 7100 Kaby lake 3.9GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD DVDRw Business PC
ACcode: 4793
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £394.80 inc vat
Intel G4400 4GB DDR4 500GB Wireless KB & Mouse Windows 10 Home Bundle
ACcode: 4780
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £398.22 inc vat
i5-6400, 4GB DDR4, 500GB HD, KB & Mouse, No Operating System
ACcode: 4785
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £411.85 inc vat
Core i5 7400 Quad core 128GB SSD 8GB RAM Ultra fast business build
ACcode: 4795
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £436.80 inc vat
Core i3 7100 Kaby lake 3.9GHz 16GB RAM 256GB SSD DVDRw Business PC
ACcode: 4794
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £478.80 inc vat
i3-6100, 4GB DDR4, 500GB, KB & Mouse, Win 10 Pro Office PC bundle
ACcode: 4782
Manufacturer: AC
In stock
Our Price £480.94 inc vat
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PC Buying guide

Buying a new computer or laptop can be quite a daunting experience. With so many different types of computers and laptops that come in all shapes and sizes, it’s hard to make sure you are buying the right kit for your needs. AC Computers has put together a Jargon free buying guide, so whether you want a new family computer, a business workstation or a high-end PC for gaming or design we we`ll help you choose a desktop PC that’s right for you. ... more

Home computers – Designed for basic everyday family use such as emailing, web browsing homework etc. These cost-effective PCs might not be the most powerful computers but they’ll get home users through the everyday use. With recent technology advances, home use PC have evolved into the all in one media centres.

Business computers/ Workstations –Business workstations are higher spec than a standard home use PC. Built to open and run more strenuous programmes quicker, this type of desktop computer will be configured with higher end components, this makes the PC quicker and more reliable. Although these PCs are aimed to be sold to the Education and business sectors of the market, you can also pick a great bargain as a home user. AC Computers offers great deals on both new & refurbished desktop PCs

High Performance Gaming PCs – Gaming PCs are extremely powerful desktop computers with a dedicated video card, High end Intel or AMD Processors, lots of RAM to make sure you get the best out of the latest video games. Gamer`s initially tend to spend a lot of money on “gaming rig” but replace their PC less often, and likely upgrade and add hardware as they go, to keep ahead of technology. With this in mind it is vital that you choose the right PC for you, to keep you as current for as long, meaning less upgrading in the future.

Design PCs – Design computers are aimed at high end user who need to run multiple high end programmes at once. These machine’s will have lots of RAM, a high-end processor and usually dedicated video card. Graphics design, music production and Photo editing all need serious power to run application.

All in one desktops – the PCs contain the Screen and PC in one compact unit. Modern stylish compact designs make these idea for the whole family as a media hub, as they are suited to entertainment, school work and home applications. Software – Choosing the right Operating system for you

Memory – RAM is a form of short term computer data storage, which stores frequently used program instructions to increase the speed of your PC. The more RAM you have, the quicker your PC will be at opening and switching between programmes. Aim for 8-16 GB of RAM

Hard Drive (HDD) – This is an internal disk built into the PC. Its where you store your Programmes and files, photos music etc. The larger your hard drive the more information you can save, so if you have plenty of photos and music etc a larger hard drive will be of benefit. Try looking for something with 1-2 TB

Solid state drive - The device is similar to a hard disk as it is where you store your information to. The capacity of a Solid-state drive (SSD) is much smaller but this device is much faster, and can improve the speed of your PC or laptop by up to 10 times. Unlike a hard drive this device has no moving parts, this makes a SSD less susceptible to becoming faulty. If you don’t have a great deal of data to store and are more interested in speed, a solid state hard drive is perfect for you.

Optical drive – An optical drive uses a laser to read data from an optical disk, these include CDs , DVDs and blu rays.

Graphics cards – A Graphics card enables the display of high resolution graphics on things such as games, Drawings and designs etc. If you are wanting to play games, run design programmes, run multiple monitors you need to look for something with a dedicated graphics card.

Monitors - Your Computer screen, Modern technology has moved LED Displays which consume less power. Monitor sizes include 19” -22” –24” & 28. Any larger sizes a usually are televisions Printers - receive information from your printer or laptops and apply the information to paper. If you run a business and for example print out lots of invoices a laser printer would be most suited, they offer a more cost-effective print. If you would like to print out high quality pictures a inkjet would suffice, although less cost effective inkjet printers produce a better quality of print. Some Inkjet and laser printers are available with multi function options which allow you to scan and copy. Newer printers also have wireless functionally which allow you to print from all locations of your home and business

Wireless – Being about to send and receive data without the use of wires. All laptops, phones and tablets have wireless built in as standard. If your PC if located far away from your router, it may be more convenient to have a wireless card fitted than run a cable through you house. It uses radio signals rather than wires.

Anti-virus – A Piece of software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. Don’t go online without one. An anti-virus will save you from Worms, Trojans, hackers and other malicious software. Be aware that some of the more well know Anti viruses will slow your PC down.

Microsoft office - Business software for Windows and Macintosh to help with the day to day running of your business or home. Microsoft office includes Word for word processing and writing letters, excel for spreadsheets, Outlook for Emails, PowerPoint and presentations

AC Computers can build you a new computer to your specification budget or gaming needs within 24 hours. All PC systems are supplied with 3 Year warranty. Free shipping on orders over £500 Buy new computers from AC Computer Warehouse


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